Waterfall Cottage

Welcome to Waterfall Cottage in Bayview - Sydney Australia

Waterfall Cottage

Waterfll Cottage is no longer owned by
Jeanne Villani.
It was sold to Dr Paul O'Farrell
in December 2017 who may be opening it to the public some time in the future.

Waterfall Cottage gardens, situated in 3 hectares of rainforest on Sydney's Northern Beaches, are an integration of exotics into the bushland. Paths, steps and timber bridges provide access over the
gullies and garden sculptures, ornamental ponds, aviaries and a gazebo add interest.
Giant eastern water dragons around the
ponds add an unreal touch to the scene and
sometimes a wallaby or lyrebirds can be spotted.

Moss maiden 2.jpg (12304 bytes)

Finished in April 2005 - a living sculpture inspired by the Mud Maiden in The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, England, sculptor, Belinda Villani, created "Lily" with a steel frame filled with clay and covered in moss with Muehlenbeckia for hair. Her head is carved from sandstone - doesn't she look wonderful!

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lyrebird.jpg (90821 bytes)
Kookaburras waiting for dinner

The possums are around every night performing
their acrobatics outside the front door

Brown pigeon.jpg (24985 bytes)
The Brown pigeons used to come for a couple
of months in the middle of the year - now they
stick around permanently - wise I guess as
there's always something here for them to eat.

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